Automated Mobile Management (AMM)

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New Process

AMM, exclusive to Touchrate, automates the process and creates more ability and control of Mobile Device Management. The AMM technology creates a purpose driven device that minimizes the need for field support, allowing Touchrate to be a low-cost provider. To stay ahead of the curve and create new market opportunities, Touchrate innovation is focused on providing clients new ways to understand their customer behaviors and learning ways to improve, such as a call to action, conversion and cross channel marketing.


Touchrate’s proprietary Automated Mobile Management systems (AMM) has become an agent of Touchrate’s emerging technologies and will certainly become an exponent in its quest to scale hundreds of thousands of converged platform solutions addressing the needs of millennial behaviors.

  • Remote Monitoring and Change Content

  • Content Management and Updates

  • Insights Monitoring

  • Driving Third Party Applications on Touchrate Platforms