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Attention + Interest + Desire + Conviction = Conversion

Touchrate Touchscreen Solutions with decision logic are deployed for large retail, mass drug, pharmacy, healthcare, finance and insurance providers. Touchrate’s clients realize these interactive media platforms enable their brands and merchants to better reach consumers on-location or in-stores. As a result, Merchants and Brands see increased conversion with the ability to capture insightful unextrapolated data for product development, predetermine inventories to match demand and minimize returned merchandise.

Touchrate extends the aisle providing shoppers the ability to purchase more products in-store by connecting algorithmic Touchscreens to dot.com.

Cross Channel Marketing Products and Services is a proven success story with our Touchscreens as virtual agents on location. Touchrate becomes part of merchant and brand marketing programs using the latest technology paired to smartphones for Wave, Beacon, and interactive algorithmic Touchscreen aisles with focused lighting to match and feature selected products in the moment of purchase.

Touchrate as the Low-Cost-Provider at scale can offer a solid ROI with unassisted Plug & Play Platforms on-location. Touchrate’s unique Automated Mobile Management (AMM telemetry) provides digital solutions at any scale the capability to self-monitor for better performance, while minimizing dark screens and remotely changing content and applications.

Touchrate’s approach to on-location marketing is being adopted by the largest retailers and Amazon’s new stores.



August 2017

Touchrate client awarded the Innovation of Spirit Award for 2017 among 800 suppliers.

Touchrate’s Interactive Aisle is unique having been developed in collaboration with an iconic marketer. Touchrate’s Touchscreens with algorithmic solutions for decision logic also have the ability to change content and retails with its telemetry and also lights products to guide shoppers to their selection.

May 2017

Abby Arenas joins Touchrate with a background in Biology, Pharmacy and Toxicology to further enhance various digital solution opportunities in healthcare and pharmacy.

January 2017

Touchrate developed digital endless aisle customer facing solutions for DME Durable Medical Equipment in Mass Drug offering over 4000 skus

Shoppers find online convenient as opposed to a lack of guidance and waiting in the aisle to be waited upon. Touchrate can provide a fresh new “customer experience” in-aisle, giving shoppers a way to use interactive technology for control and more value as they Touch to Learn about your products, Touch to Find, value and guidance in our DIY world.

December 2016

Touchrate assembled and deployed large customer facing digital displays for Durable Medical Equipment in 230 Sam’s Club Warehouse Stores

Shoppers find online convenient as opposed to a lack of guidance and waiting in the aisle to be waited upon.  Touchrate can provide a fresh new “customer experience” in-aisle, giving shoppers a way to use interactive technology for control and more value as they Touch to Learn about your products, Touch to Find value and guidance in our DIY world.

November 2016

Touchrate provided digital information technologies for Royal Canin a major pet food company and pet stores as well as for the American Kennel Club Show

Royal Canin is providing a “customer experience” so shoppers can better select, learn and identify products based on breed, size, age and condition.

October 2016

Touchrate creates digital customer facing information program to identify plumbing parts and offer learning solutions for better customer experience in big box retail stores.

Today’s shopper feels entitled and expectant of a greater experience wherever they go. Retailers providing a superior “customer experience” in the aisle will offer shoppers a way to digitally capture data, product information and intuitive marketing as the shopper offers insights and sensory data, in exchange for control as they Touch to Learn on large screens to see or find a better value while in the aisle.

August 2016

New patient satisfaction solutions software for  one of the largest hospital organization in the United States

In the healthcare industry, Touchrate has made an immediate impact on how patient feedback is captured with real-time solutions at the point-of-care.

May 2016

Touchrate Tapped for Shell Oil and Fram Filters Touchscreen in Walmart

Touchrate, a leading provider of on-location customer-facing digital solutions, has been chosen by Shell Oil and Fram Filters to develop a touchscreen solution for the Auto department in Walmart.

April 2016

Touchrate, Kimberly-Clark and Zebra Technologies Partner for Sam’s Club Family Care Touchscreen Kiosk

Touchrate, a leading digital provider of on location customer-facing digital solutions, has partnered with Zebra Technologies, a major manufacturer of marking, tracking and computer printing technologies, and Kimberly-Clark, one of the largest CPGs known for it’s global brands in more than 150 countries, to provide digital interactive touchscreen kiosks to aid shoppers with Family Care in Sam’s Clubs.

February 2016

Carex Taps Touchrate for Touchscreen Sales Assistance in Pharmacies

Carex Health Brands, the leader in home health products, has collaborated with Touchrate to create an in-aisle touchscreen solution showcasing their full line of medical equipment in pharmacies.

January 2016

Mozido Partners with Touchrate for Dairy Queen Touchscreen Payment Loyalty Program

Mozido, a mobile financial services, loyalty and retail solutions company has partnered with Touchrate, a touchscreen solutions company, for the national rollout of Dairy Queen’s MyDQ Rewards Program.

January 2016

Touchrate Develops Sales-Assist Touchscreens for Carex in Rite Aid

Carex Health Brands, the leader in home health products, has collaborated with Touchrate to create an in-aisle touchscreen solution showcasing their full line of durable medical equipment in Rite Aid.

July 2015

Canadian Tire Expands Deployment of Touchscreen Solutions with Touchrate

This isn’t Touchrate’s first foray into Canada, not only having deployed the Schwinn Bike Finder in Canadian Tire, but also a new Touchscreen and Multi-media experience in multiple Walmarts in the region with expansion expected in 2016.

January 2015

Scott Sandlin joins our advisory board

Vice Chairman, Former President Mozido

Before joining Touchrate, Scott was former Head of Financing, Protection and Home Services at Walmart, a 25-year veteran of Retail and more recently, President of Mozido, a mobile payments and loyalty company. The knowledge he acquired while serving in his posts at the world’s largest retailer and Mozido have proven to be a valued asset to Touchrate and will continue to be as it grows both now and in the future.

Jerry Dowell joins our advisory board

Director & President, Dowell Group

Jerry’s national expertise in bath, cosmetics, fragrances, ethnic and HBC is well known and respected. He has over 30 years of experience, holding many positions including merchandise manager, buyer and national sales manager before founding Dowell Group. His knowledge of retail and marketer relationships are expanding Touchrate’s client base.

December 2014

Touchrate develops and releases it’s own Mobile Device Management called Automated Mobile Management Plus or AMM+, innovating the MDM process.

November 2014

Touchrate enters the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment with the deployment of a mobile payments and loyalty program on touchscreens in Dairy Queen.

October 2014

Touchrate further expands it’s international footprint, launching a fully integrated digital platform for Walmart Financial Services in Canadian stores using touchscreens, mobile tablets and digital signage. The platform engages shoppers to apply for Walmart Rewards MasterCards, purchase Gift Cards, send Money Transfers and increase ATM usage

July / August 2014

Touchrate develops and deploys touchscreen engagement solutions for Health & Beauty and Wellness categories in Rite Aid including a Vitamin Finder and TRESsume HairProfiler for Unilever.

June 2014

Touchrate becomes channel partner of Motorola Solutions, now Zebra, to develop integrated solutions.

March 2013

Touchrate expands to international markets with the release of the Schwinn Bike Finder in Canadian Tire.

February 2013

Touchrate develops it’s own custom purpose driven touchscreen hardware platform for our customers.

January 2013

Touchrate develops and deploys various solutions targeting consumer electronics in retail including an end cap touchscreen for ZAGG in Walmart.

November 2012

Touchrate partners with major display manufacturers to offer interactive displays and end cap solutions in major retailers.

August / September 2012

Touchrate creates integrated touchscreen display platform to launch end-to-end insurance products in retail targeting Life, Health and Auto Insurance.

June 2012

Touchrate releases touchscreen network management system for retail and on-location solutions providing 24/7 monitoring and level 1 support maintaining operational screens at any location.

January 2012

Touchrate partners with several well established advertising and marketing agencies developing new marketing channels for shopper engagement through touchscreens in-store.

November 2011

Touchrate releases marketing and insights gathering tablet solution for the largest demo sampling company specializing in on-location marketing for the top CPGs.

September 2011

Touchrate develops and delivers multi-channel survey solution for healthcare; employing web and tablet interfaces to deliver CG-CAHPS survey instrument.

March 2011

Touchrate develops digital library for banking institutions.

June 2010

Touchrate establishes fabrication and distribution facilities for vacuum moldings, shrouds and housings for intuitive hardware.


Touchrate develops touchscreen consumer interactive intelligence solutions.


Touchrate was founded in a boathouse in Orlando.

The Touchrate Way

Our province is to assist our clients in being better acquainted with their consumers and the consumer with their products and services. There is a metric to be measured, when the consumer relates what he feels with a touch, points at what he sees, reacts to what he hears, and/or breathes the scent of opportunity. Our history continues with our success of being the “best of breed” and we will continue by having the closest affinity with the variables of technology in the development of Consumer Interactive Intelligence.