Touchscreens & Mountings

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Look for a Revival in retail with Touch Assist Technologies on-location, to sell more general merchandise. There is an increasing trend of shoppers being assisted by unattended Touchscreens with intuitive software on-location. The automated management of this Touch-Assist technology provides a valued learning experience for shoppers as they engage, select and decide at their moment of interest in the aisle.

The Path to Retail Revival

Touchscreens are part of the shopper experience and provide the space that becomes the digital “hand shake,” bridging the threshold for conversion between supplier, brand and the consumer in-store


  • Merchant Marketing
  • Capture Shopper Insights
  • Predict Future Results
  • Sales Increase
  • Connected Shopper to Merchant’s website
  • Beacon and Sonic Wave Promotions


  • Complete Display Solutions
  • Multiple Form Factors
  • Mounting Fixtures
  • Hardware Sale Lease