Touchrate Consumer Facing Intuitive Touchscreen Algorithms

Algorithms provide product knowledge while triggering shelf lighting to locate the selected product on the shelf. In addition, we have developed seamless ways for consumers to react in aisle as we integrate the conversion process with the online store.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Touchrate’s Virtual Personal Assistant is a unique mobile on-demand Chat Bot developed to create a personalized experience offering information and services to Guests of Hotels & Resorts.

The ChatBot can transform a Guest’s stay as a Virtual Assistant by providing reservations and a calendar of events to include dining, recreation, local entertainment, and other guest information.

No other fully-managed, digital turn-key solution exists for Hospitality operators wishing to launch end-to-end on-location personalized hospitality services.

Touchrate provides the opportunity to brand the Virtual Concierge Network, thus reducing considerable time-to-market and investment in an application and front-end design for such a digital service.ce.

Engaging Shelf Space

Engaging Shelf space is primary in the store of the future as touchscreen algorithms provide a new experience to direct shoppers for a more information purchase. Shoppers can now have an intuitive experience as they engage to select a product for conversion.  Product curated content is made available in the aisle with reasons to buy, accessories, ratings, reviews and mapping

Why the SHIFT from the institution to the consumer?

Millennial Consumers have expectations of easily acquiring a product or service competitively priced delivered quickly with a memorable experience they can socialize with friends and family. The business model is changing as providers of products and services are leveraging a multiple of innovative technologies. Touchrate has been a digital provider integrating consumer-facing touchscreens and mobile solutions for nearly a decade in the largest retailer, other big box and mass drug stores as well as one of the largest healthcare institutions. We look forward to sharing our ideas to assist IT departments in taking a significant step to orchestrate break through-technology.

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