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“The power has SHIFTED from the institution to the consumer”
– Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Broaden Your Reach With Touch.

Touchrate offers Brick & Mortar companies 5 ways to adapt to this SHIFT by providing a PATH TO EMBRACE THE POWER OF THE CONSUMER using the latest technologies to produce an ROI in Retail, Media, Healthcare and Hospitality. Some of the latest adaptive ways being deployed are as follows:

Touchrate Consumer Facing Intuitive Touchscreen Algorithms

Algorithms provide product knowledge while triggering shelf lighting to locate the selected product on the shelf. In addition, we have developed seamless ways for consumers to react in aisle as we integrate the conversion process with the online store.

Touchrate’s Virtual Personal Assistant

Touchrate Virtual Personal Assistants on Smartphones as Chat Bots are paired to merchant, healthcare and hospitality locations, or brands, welcoming and guiding consumers to products & services with voice content knowledge and assistance.

Engaging Shelf Space

Touchrate Digital PRE-SUASION NetWorks monetize non-revenue producing space in Brick & Mortar locations with branded content provided by media companies.

Hands-Off Device Management

Touchrate UDM (Unattended Device Management) for remote management of unattended devices on- location with more functionality then traditional MDM (Mobile Device Management). This functionality includes, but is not limited to automatic device correction, remote device fleet management using multiple APKs per device simultaneously and as an administrative tool automating the management of various device applications with the ability to segment tasks by time and location. We are pushing the frontier of computing applications, data, and services away from centralized nodes to the logical extreme of a network that minimizes unattended Dark Screens. It enables analytics and un-extrapolated data capture at the source for marketing/sales and research insights gathering.

Why the SHIFT from the institution to the consumer?

Millennial Consumers have expectations of easily acquiring a product or service competitively priced delivered quickly with a memorable experience they can socialize with friends and family. The business model is changing as providers of products and services are leveraging a multiple of innovative technologies. Touchrate has been a digital provider integrating consumer-facing touchscreens and mobile solutions for nearly a decade in the largest retailer, other big box and mass drug stores as well as one of the largest healthcare institutions. We look forward to sharing our ideas to assist IT departments in taking a significant step to orchestrate break through-technology.

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