Financial Services

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Using the most advanced touchscreen devices and analytic reporting tools, Touchrate’s solutions are elevating the service experience at leading banking centers and financial services companies. With an innovative channel for marketing products, housing e-brochures or administering surveys, Touchrate’s platform is armed to drive profits for today’s financial leaders. Use our virtual agents to cross channel market financial products using our digital concierge on location.


Converged Platform:

Purpose driven hardware that has been designed to integrate with a customized operating system, AMM agent, middle and application software connected to a custom back end for CMS, CRM, CCRM and Database for Insights gathering. Innovative communications technology enhanced by a two SIM cards for 4G connectivity secures a total automated solution in sync, delivering high performance at a low cost. Touchrate designs and develops, in house, a total end to end solution on a converged platform that is plug and play while reporting and registering to a dash board on-location

Pro-Touch Touchscreen Solutions: From Analog To Digital

Immediately available for consumers on-location. The platform searches for the nearest 4G tower to register location and store number on a dashboard, revealing every insightful touch as it increases sales and a better shopping experience. Touchrate and client can remotely manage and change programs, content, retails, applications and value settings in the field. Touchscreen platforms can remain unattended 24/7