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In Store Interactive Displays That Prompt Conversion

  • Specializing in shopper facing Touchscreen Sales-Assist Solutions for Retail and Touchscreens for Health, Wellness and Guest Services
  • We create extraordinary touchscreen and Smartphone technology experiences through proprietary enterprise software and hardware solutions to create well reasoned decisions
  • Our Solutions set up a digital bridge and provides an Informational/Transactional conduit between the parties
  • We provide monitoring of every shopper engagement, including every touch and the gathering of un-extrapolated data about product and services
  • On Location Marketing: Educates and markets products to customers driving incremental sales

Leader in Touchscreen Algorithmic Solutions

  • Turnkey touchscreen and smartphone technology solutions with custom interface and decision tree software
  • Hardware, fixtures, logistics and installation with solution monitoring
  • Content management and reporting on insightful data
  • Application based software capable of operating with or without Internet connectivity
  • Proprietary technology suite to include a custom device operating system, device management suite and reporting analytics suite
  • Wi-Fi networking and 4G capable
  • All touches captured in a database
  • Reporting portal provided to view results by location
  • Video attractor loop displayed when device is idle to draw shopper attention
  • Product selector with decision tree about product features, specifications, recommended accessories, promotions, financing and product care to help shopper select and decide
  • Dot-com & store inventory database integration with touchscreen to extend the shelf and bring online assortment to store with ordering capability
  • Asset delivery: Shoppers can export data to mobile devices thru email, text, QR code and NFC (proximity technology)
  • Speed checkout using barcodes ported to mobile devices
  • Proximity alerts to shoppers within range of touchscreen
  • 24/7 telemetry, monitoring, and alerts to ensure no dark screens
  • Managed dynamic beacon technology

Algorithmic Results: Increased Sales & Engagement

Integrating customer facing in-store touchscreen and other technologies to enhance the shopper assisted-buying experience increases product sales and brand awareness. Touchrate Increases Sales, Capture Insights and Minimizes Merchandise returns with Touchrate IP on-location. We can deliver a strong ROI.  We provide end to end solutions as a One-Stop-Shop scaling thousands of units on time and within budget from creative to deployment.

Clients have shown a significant double-digit sales growth. In fact, further creative tweaking of the interface via 4G data transmission on our tablets increased shopper engagement and feedback by 250%. On-location marketing for a leading a consumer package goods company shows one out of 5 shoppers are interacting with touchscreens. Additionally, 20% left their Email in exchange for an asset or promotion while product sales increased 60 – 340%.

The Self-Help Sales-Assist Solution embedded in a display with Decision Tree Software created an increase in sales with a 400% return on investment and minimized returns. Shoppers are better informed after using a tablet and are upsold more easily buying more expensive products over stores that did not incorporate the solution.