If you are looking for a way to increase or recover same store sales lost to e-commerce, then we can help you increase sales by automating the in-aisle experience with an ROI.

What is the ROI Calculator?

The ROI Calculator helps show the affordability of digital solutions. As shown in our recent Case Studies, customers prefer having a tool like a Product Selector in-store ready to help them rather than use their own smartphones.

When modeling the ROI in this calculator, we’ve built in the average cost of a Digital Sales Associate, or Product Selector, program.

Curious? Compute your ROI to see if it’s affordable.

Brands and Merchants are finding ways to increase or recover same store sales lost to e-commerce by offering Digital Sales Associates, or Product Selectors, in the aisle to self-direct shoppers.

These engaging self-service platforms with intuitive decision software provide automated assistance by offering curated product content, category mapping, ratings, reviews & more to educate and enhance the customer’s experience with more reasons to buy.

Touchrate’s Digital Sales Associates, or Product Selector, replace the store of the past, with stores of the future, by cracking the code with the right economic model  that is affordable for a mass customer base to sustain an ROI.


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