Cross Channel Marketing

Touchrate provides the consumer, marketer, and supplier another marketing channel with an aggregated suite of custom functionalities on affordable touchscreen displays for maximum engagement. Our solutions sell the brand experience with a call-to-action, in-store, converting shoppers to buyers in the aisle.

Touchrate advances mobile solutions technology while bridging brick-and-mortar with the online store. CPGs, Marketers and Merchants use Touchrate Solutions to extend the marketing message in-aisle while assisting the sale for conversion and cross channel marketing. Cross channel marketing of contract services such as insurance, warranties and more can be provided in high foot traffic areas such as office buildings, arenas, malls and service plazas.

✓ Customize your marketing message

Customers engage with our interactive screens

Deliver brand specific information to highlight products

✓ Capture insights of consumer shopping habits

Present customers with special offers to entice them to return

Extend the consumer experience beyond your stores

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