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Welcome to the New Retail

The Touchrate Touch to Light Interactive Aisle is one of Touchrate’s Award Winning Innovations designed to make the shopper experience simple, on the path-to-purchase. The in-aisle guidance center uses a Touchscreen with an intelligent algorithm to promote attention, interest and a “reason to believe” for conversion while triggering lighting in the aisle paired with the shoppers interest for quick and easy guidance.

Using the touchscreen, the consumer selects and decides on the product of choice and the corresponding bumpouts will light up in the aisle. Moreover, Retailers and Brands will increase sales with a strong ROI and capture insights about consumer preferences and trends which allows for enhanced product development and greater inventory management while minimizing the return of merchandise. Ambient Assistance with Intuitive Intelligence is going to change the way we shop in-store NO DARK SCREENS with a reason to believe for a CALL TO ACTION.

3 in 1 Hair Color Selector

Walmart Bike Finder

Decision Tree Phone Selector

More In-Aisle Solutions

Touchrate Drink Selector

Carex DME

In-Store Car Buying Carousel

This Car Buying Vendor’s Carousel offers an attractive experience to generate more car sales as consumers engage, select and decide on the model of choice with the proposition offered to include:

Model Pricing, Trade-in allowance and monthly payments. It can offer a timed-incentives to visit nearby dealers with a call to action on the proposal offered.

Battery Powered Push to Play Solution with Reporting

We provide new technology for a digital transformation with battery powered Push to Play Touchrate Pro-10 tablets solutions with remote content change.
Merchants and brands can offer digital engagement anywhere on location through the intelligent use of algorithms and provide consumers a more relevant and interesting shopping experience while capturing insightful data that will predetermine demand for products and services.
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