Why are HCAHPS/CAHPS scores Important?

Patient care and patient outcomes are the guiding force behind the delivery of care. HCAHPS/CAHPS and third party surveys are the lens from which healthcare organizations are scored by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

They measure patients unique perceptions of the experience and the services provided by the healthcare organization with the purpose of providing the public with comparable information and star ratings as listed on Medicare.gov/hospitalcompare on hospital quality.

What do the survey results mean?

They serve as the voice of the patients , therefore the results directly impact the healthcare organization’ reputation. Additionaly, the government provides funding based on results.

What does Touchrate offer?

Our touchscreen survey platforms on-location capture anonymous patient feedback to assist healthcare organization stay ahead of the curve and improve their HCAHPS/CAHPS scores. The data is collected in real-time and is used by leadership to coach medical staff and correct behaviors that will enhance patient experiences prior to being scored by HCAHPS/CAHPS surveys. These stations, in hospitals and clinics are insightful for healthcare leadership to understand their patient’s perspective of care.

Organizations that take their results seriously and take action to improve, will maximize their government reimbursement and positive public awareness. The real time anonymous feedback is a way to audit the patient experience offered by their staff. 

Antimicrobial Touchscreens

We deliver touchscreens with a patented antimicrobial coating that is ‘baked in’ during manufacturing, to create touchscreens with 24/7 germ-free protection for life. This coating is scientifically proven to block up to 99.99 % of harmful bacteria including MRSA, E.coli and C.diff on glass/touchscreen surfaces.

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