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QR Codes

A popular technology today is QR Codes. QR codes allow customers to scan the code with their mobile devices and be taken to a microsite or an app directly. These microsites can be built as Product Selectors, delivering curated content right to a customer's phone to make an informed buying decision. QR codes are a cost-effective solution to be able to deliver brand messaging and collect customer insights.

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular due to the pandemic, as more and more customers see how easy they are to use. Restaurants have adopted the use of QR codes for digital menus, and we've taken that to the next level with our WillWaiter Solution, enabling guests to order and pay from their table on their smartphones.

Share the experience 

Our Interactive Displays also offer email and texting functions. This allows the customer to find the right product for their need, and be able to share it via text message or email to someone who may also be interested in the product.

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