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UDM (Unattended Device Management)

Note To The CTO About UDM (Unattended Device Management)

Unlike MDM, which is widely used for mobile devices by employees, UDM (Unattended Device Management) was developed by Touchrate to automate and remotely manage applications, content changes, security, hardware and settings related to unattended public facing devices. These include Self-Service, Endless Aisle, Way-finding, Self Check-In, E-Concierge, Sales Assist, Product Finding and Digital Signage kiosks. As a result store associates and client employees are not called upon to perform attentive services to keep applications running.

Unattended Device Management Server


UDM uses a lightweight, but powerful agent residing on a remote device acting as both standalone and in unison with an Unattended Device Management Server (UDMS) using an agent-side pull strategy. The agent independently takes actions without dependency on communication with an outside source. The UDM agent constantly monitors the health of not only the hardware and software, but also the environmental variables such as power, internet/networks (both cellular and Wi-Fi), location hours and lighting.

The UDM agent is also responsible for feeding valuable data back to the UDM System in real time. From this portal, device statistics are updated real-time. Some of these are, but not limited to: Device Type, Model, Battery Levels, Charging/Plugged-In Status, Last Heartbeat, Time in Session, Brightness of Screen, Volume Level, Data Usage Statistics, Application Status, Application Version, Network Statistics and more. Additionally device/project rules are managed from this portal.

UDM has built-in functionality to integrate and support a full range of peripheral devices — printers, card readers, fingerprint readers, bar code scanners, image scanners, proximity sensors, video cameras, traffic counters, facial recognition.

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