Product Selector

Adding a digital path to purchase provides a better shopper assist experience in-stores. 

In Retail, Shoppers using Touchrate Digital Solutions are learning they can easily Engage, Select and Decide on products with curated content for an informed purchase rather than wait to be waited on. 

Capture Consumer Data

The Product Selector captures unextrapolated data. Marketers will see how their real target audience react and engage with their marketing campaigns in-store.  Retailers will be able to adjust their inventory accordingly based on the data gathered from the guided selling tool. It’s not about what they bought but what they would have purchased as well.

Endless Aisle

The Endless Aisle solution allows retailers to expand their assortment. By connecting your online inventory to the in-store assortment, retailers and brands will never miss a conversion due to store limitations. Customers will also have the option to get the item they want delivered directly to their home with the endless aisle.

Endless Aisle Features

  • Bridge your website to In-The-Aisle
  • Customers engage with our interactive screens
  • Deliver selected product information to highlight products
  • Capture insights of consumer shopping habits
  • Present customers with special offers to entice them to return to the store
  • Expand your in-store inventory by connecting it with your online inventory

Interactive Aisle (Technology Behind System)

The Interactive Aisle becomes a Sales Associate providing an engaging yet non-intrusive shopping experience. Customer selection simultaneously triggers lighting on the shelf to locate the chosen product at the SKU level. Facial recognition and/or voice activation can be used to prompt further product and brand interest.


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