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WillWaiter by Touchrate

A contactless solution for restaurants.

Remove the concerns of germ transfer as well as the cost of printed menus and check holders. WillWaiter allows a guest to view the menu, place their order, and process payment right on their phones. No App or Download is required.

WillWaiter ensures that guests can order their food when they are ready and have it brought right to their table. The solution offers the added benefit that the entire transaction takes place contact-free, from browsing the menu to paying for the order.

Save time and money with the WillWaiter Solution

The process takes place on the customers phone. All the guest needs to do is scan the QR Code located on the table and they will have full access to the menu. They can choose which items they would like and add it to their cart. Once they have selected their items, the guest can pay directly on the device with their preferred contactless payment method. The order is sent to the kitchen once it is processed and the guests receive their food when it is ready.

The Home page displays the Full Menu by Category. Guests can select a Category and click to see the options.
Categories can display all the food options with a picture and price.
Selecting an option will allow the guest to choose quantity and enter it into their cart.
After selecting an item, the guest will be taken back to the main menu to repeat the process until they are ready to checkout.
When checking out, the guest will see a summary of the items ordered before proceeding.
The guest will then be prompted to enter their credit card information as well as a tip if they so choose to leave one.
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