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Antimicrobial Films

Features :

✓  The film eliminates 99% of bacteria that comes into contact with the film
✓  Customers engage with our interactive screens

The Antimicrobial Film can be used on a variety of products and in a wide range of industries: Pharmaceutical, hospitality, retail, restaurant, education among others.

Antimicrobial Films

Frequently Asked Questions

The Antimicrobial film is proven to inhibit the growth of microbes by up to 99%

Is the film safe?

Yes. it is based on silver ion technology, recognized for centuries with no harmful effects

How long is the Antimicrobial laminate effective for?

The Antimicrobial film is effective for the intended lifetime of the product it’s added to. It is built-in and does not wear off or leach out

Does the Film affect the product in any way?

No. You can’t see it, or smell it
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