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Personalization Station

Are you looking to connect with and improve the experience for your customers and fans while also increasing brand awareness and sales? The Personalization Station Platform can provide you with unique ways to dynamically engage customers and fans, from personalized merchandising and tailored digital experience to commemorative memorabilia. This deeper engagement creates positive experiences for customers and fans, while increasing revenue for the brand.

Create a Lasting Memory

Did you know that 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products? Part of that is because of the sense of ownership one gets when purchasing something that clearly says, ‘it’s mine’. Personalized merchandise, photos, and physical tickets as memorabilia, all help fans connect to a team, event, brand, or retailer.

Personalize a Souvenir
Customize an item with a picture
Share A Memory
Share an audio or video message via QR Code
Multiple Form Factors
Can be set up as a counter top solution, a kiosk, or QR Code on traditional signage.
Generate Revenue
Operated for a minimal cost, allowing for a strong ROI
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