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Interactive displays are everywhere you go in today's society, in every industry. When you go out to the movies and use a self service kiosk, that's an interactive display. The freestyle coke machine? Interactive Display. The random digital billboard you see on your commutes with the one funny ad? You guessed it, interactive displays. Each of these examples illustrates a different industry using technology to advance their goals. Here at Touchrate, we develop for all industry, not just one. Whether it's our PatientTouch platform for healthcare, or a Product Selector for a Retail environment, we do it all. Click on any of the pictures below to learn more about how we make an impact in that industry.

Retail & CPGS

Working alongside the world’s leading retailers, we have developed one of the most interactive touchscreen platforms for engaging consumers at the point-of-experience – where it matters most.


Touchrate has made an immediate impact on how patient feedback is captured with real-time patient surveys on-location at the point-of-care.

Quick Service Restaurants

With Touchrate’s experiential technology, you can immediately begin building brand loyalty, capture valuable consumer insights and ultimately motivate buying decisions.


Touchrate has helped top Insurance Companies to bring new insurance products to shoppers in the World’s Leading Retailers.
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