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If you are ready to learn more about the process of setting up a TempCheck system at your business to provide a safer environment, download our information packet using the form.

TempCheck: Non-Invasive Temperature Screening System

The TempCheck System is a passive non-contact temperature sensing system, scanning passersby.

Our FEVER SCREENING Devices stand watch as people pass by providing an alert when Fever is detected.

Optional Features:
-Covid Questions Y/N
-Digital Messaging
-Attractor Loop Videos
-Facial Identification
-Emailing alerts
-Thermal Screening Crowds

Three Sizes To Choose From

10.5″ TempCheck

15.6″ TempCheck

21.5″ TempCheck

TempCheck Quick & Easy Setup Guide

Setting up and using the TempCheck system is simple. Take just 1 minute to see for yourself with our video setup guide.


TempCheckplus Sentry actively guards access to an area using facial recognition and infrared sensors to scan for fever, while accumulating data with various options for a change in protocols and reporting. The Sentry will email an alert to HR of personnel scanned with fever. Print daily compliance passes that contain a picture, temperature, and date/time stamp.

TempCheckplus Sentry: Non-Invasive Temperature Screening System

The TempCheck Sentry is a no-contact facial recognition with temperature screening that will email an alert to HR of personnel scanned with fever.

Sentry Features:

Temperature Scan
Facial Recognition
Authorized Entrance
External Connections
Management Tool
Print Compliance Passes
Change Language
Temperature Adjust
Temperature C/F
Database Connection
Email Alerts to Admin


GUARDIAN for perimeter scanning for a FEVER FREE area.

TempCheck Guardian: Non-Invasive Crowd Scanning

The TempCheck Guardian System is a passive non-contact temperature sensing system, scanning crowds and collective gatherings.

High quality. Excellent parameters. Simultaneous detection

Remote & non-contact detection, free from infection
100 times faster than forehead thermometer
Temperature accuracy of ±0.3
Simultaneous detection of groups
Automatic warnings of fever

Quick Results

Results of measurement are generated within 1 second

High Accuracy

Possible error of the measurement is +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius

Touch Free

No touch interaction is required, reducing infection risk
  • “We find these Temperature scanning tablets very helpful as we reopen our Florida Offices.”

    – Robert Harding
    Gray Robinson Law Firm
  • “The quick and effective temperature readings provide great comfort to our staff, agents and customers, conveying to them that they are in a safe environment. Members now feel safe to hang out with us and do business!”

    – Russel Post
    President and Broker
    Ocean Reef Club,
    Sotheby’s International Realty
  • “As a title company that is known to innovate, The Closing Agent is proud to offer our agents, customers and employees the extra peace of mind the TempCheck by Touchrate provides. The beauty of this system it is it completely autonomous, allowing visitors to go about their business as usual while reinforcing and illustrating our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere.”

    – David J. Hollamby
    Vice President ‑ Business Development & Marketing
    The Closing Agent
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