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What is the Endless Aisle?

The Endless Aisle solution allows retailers to expand their assortment through the use of our kiosks. By connecting your online product inventory to the in-store assortment, retailers and brands will never miss a conversion due to store limitations. Customers will have the option to get the item they want to be delivered directly to their homes with the endless aisle. It directly reduces lost sales due to a product being unavailable in-store. 

The endless aisle strategy doesn't even have to be an interactive kiosk. You can save that floor space too by using a QR Code and a microsite to have customers use their own smartphones to complete purchasing and shipping. It's convenient for the customer because their billing and shipping information can be pre-loaded on their phone, making the process much more efficient.

Endless Aisle Features

✓  Bridge your online inventory to your brick and mortar stores
✓  Customer experience is improved with our interactive displays
✓  Deliver selected product information to highlight product assortment
✓  Capture insights of store customers shopping habits
✓  Present customers with special offers to entice them to return to the store
✓  Expand your product selection without having to increase floor space
✓  Store associates can use store kiosks to help customers shop and give correct product information

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