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Digital Signage

Digital signage is designed to generate sales, improve the retail experience, and capture customer insights for data analysis. Brands, merchants, and agencies use our digital signage and technology to promote their marketing campaigns in-store and at tradeshows. Over half of the retailers in this survey claim that customers respond exceptionally well to digital signage, with 40% stating that digital signage is integral to the customer's in-store experience.

Digital Cooler Doors

Introducing Touchrate's Digital Signage Cooler Doors. These doors can be used to play promotional or educational videos on a loop to attract customers to the cooler. When the cooler detects a customer within range, it changes to display the planogram of that cooler so customers can see what's behind the door without needing to open it. 

Bridge The Gap

Digital signage is used anywhere and everywhere in a variety of form factors. Signage can be just as flexible and custom-built as Pop-Up Displays to fit in aisle, overhead, or in the middle of the store. The digital component is what makes it more engaging and catches the customer's eye with movement.

Digital Network

Digital signage creates a network inside a retail store. Extend brand marketing messages in-store and increase engagement with products in the aisle. The Digital Network is a new revenue stream where Brands pay to advertise on the network. This display creates a more visually impactful retail environment.

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