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With over a decade of experience designing solutions for our partners, Touchrate has built up a catalog of different options for new or existing partners to choose from. Of course, just because it's not here, does not mean we can not build it. Most of these where developed as ideas from our partners and we built them into full fledged interactive display platforms. Click on any of the pictures to learn more about that solution. 

Product Selector

Adding a digital path to purchase provides a better shopper assist experience in-stores.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is designed to generate sales, improve the retail experience, and capture customer insights for data analysis. 

Endless Aisle

The Endless Aisle solution allows retailers to expand their assortment through the use of our kiosks.

Interactive Aisle

The Interactive Aisle becomes a Sales Associate providing an engaging yet non-intrusive shopping experience through the use of our kiosks.

Personalization Station

Are you looking to connect with and improve the experience for your customers and fans while also increasing brand awareness and sales?


Keep your place of business fever free using one of our three TempCheck systems.

QR Codes

A popular technology is QR Codes. QR codes allow customers to scan the code with their mobile devices and be taken to a microsite or an app directly.


WillWaiter allows a guest to view the menu, place their order, and process payment right on their phones. No App or Download required.

Reporting & Analytics

If you are ready to learn more about the process of setting up a TempCheck system at your business to provide a safer environment, download our information packet using the form.


Touchrate hardware and kiosks are commercial grade for purpose driven custom built solutions. There is no one size fits all. Each client has a different goal in mind.

Antimicrobial Films

The Antimicrobial Film can be used on a variety of products and in a wide range of industries: Pharmaceutical, hospitality, retail, restaurant, education among others.

Mobile Management

AMM uses a lightweight, but powerful agent residing on a remote device acting as both standalone and in unison with an Automated Mobile Management Server (UDMS) using an agent-side pull strategy.
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