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Bridge The Gap

With Touchrate’s experiential technology, you can immediately begin building brand loyalty, capture valuable consumer insights and ultimately motivate buying decisions. From product promotions and feedback surveying to mobile marketing and loyalty programs, the possibilities are endless with Touchrate’s adaptable retail platform.

Digital Network

Touchrate offers several tabletop and stand alone solutions that enable guests to manage loyalty points, order drinks, appetizers, entries and desserts with the ability to swipe credit cards for payment at the table.

Voice of the customer:
✓  Customer Surveys
✓  Loyalty Programs
✓  Real-Time Reporting Metrics
✓  “TouchTrigger” Alert Features

Mobile Ordering App

Touchrate has developed a mobile ordering app using QR codes and microsites in order to enrich the customer experience in the restaurant and on the go. This tool allows customers to be seated and use a QR code to place their order, and pay. The kitchen gets the order directly, and the waiters simply bring the food to the table. 

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