Reporting & Analytics

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Capture analytics and trends to predetermine shopper preferences. Our revolutionary platform helps to filter products, enabling shoppers to select products, for example phones by Brand, Price Carrier, Data Rates and Features, in addition to information on trade-ins.

With tutorials about the phones selected, shoppers can be further informed about a specific model creating a clear path to purchase or to socialize the experience with friends and family.

Furthermore, Sales Associates are better informed and have more productive time available as a result of shoppers using the digital Smart-Assist platform.


  • Tailored dashboard & routing preferences
  • Insights at the Point-of-Experience
  • Analytics to compare locations & time periods
  • Triggered alerts for service recovery

Heat Mapping:

Touchrate has the ability to heat map it’s applications in order to make interfaces more intuitive. Touchrate also captures with every touch insightful analysis for suppliers and merchants.