Improving the Restaurant Experience

Touchrate offers several tabletop and stand alone solutions that enable guests to manage loyalty points, order drinks, appetizers, entries and desserts with the ability to swipe credit cards for payment at the table. Each of these solutions is designed with one goal in mind – to elevate the restaurant experience to ensure that customers continue to return.

Restaurant owners also get the benefit of knowing exactly how customers feel through Touchrate surveys. We collect the surveys from our devices and send them to the restaurant to let them know about their customer’s experience and how restaurant owner’s can improve the restaurant experience.


    Digital Restaurant Benefits

    • Digital Concierge to attend customers when servers are occupied elsewhere
    • Marketing Promotions at the table to be viewe
      Mobile, E-Mail, and SMS Campaigns can be initiated at the table by customers simply entering their info

    Touchrate Touchscreens

    • Wi-Fi Enabled with Dual SIM Cards
    • 7-Inch Screens and Larger Sizes Available
    • Extended Life Batteries
    • Built In Camera
    • Built In Printer for Receipts
    • Secure Payments

    Voice of the Customer

    • Customer Surveys
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Real-Time Reporting Metrics
    • “TouchTrigger” Alert Features

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    Reporting & Analytics

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