TempCheck Overview

Create A Safe Environment While Providing Peace Of Mind For Associates And Guests

How It Works

The system is calculated with an algorithm to detect body temperature within 1 second.

TempCheck Devices can screen people in many areas such as offices, stores, gyms, schools, banks, theaters, restaurants, entertainment and sports venues, distribution centers and retirement living facilities or wherever people gather.

TempCheck Sentinel: Passive Screening

The TempCheck Sentinel is a no-contact infrared thermal imaging system, scanning passersby as they approach.

TempCheck Sentry: Active Screening

The TempCheckplus Sentry is a no-contact infrared sensing temperature screening system using Facial Recognition.

TempCheck Sentinel
TempCheckplus Sentry
Temperature Scan
Facial Recognition
Autorized Entrance
External Connections
Management Portal
Change Language
Temperature Adjust
Temperature C/F
Database Management
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