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Thoughts on the Benefits of a Digital Guided Selling Tool In Store

Merchants are offering brands opportunities to leverage technologies as an extension of their marketing for in-store, shoppers to receive more product information, ratings, reviews, and an algorithm for a path-to-purchase.

Touchrate’s digital guided sales tools on touchscreens and smartphones deliver an increase in sales with an ROI. Shoppers engage, select and decide for confidence on their purchase as they wait to be waited on in-aisle.

These digital guided sales tools are intended to give consumers assistance in selecting merchandise while adding confidence to their purchases and an ROI for the brand from an increase in sales.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon stores and soon-to-be Samsung stores as well as WaWa and others in F&B have been or are using digital guided sales tools online and in their Brick & Mortar Stores.

Touchrate’s Brand Clients understand it is the creative solution in the User Experience that offers on a Touchscreen or Smartphone the correct results for an added value to the shopper and merchant.

In-store, we change the shopper's experience with new technologies such as touchscreens with algorithms as digital guided sales tools, directional beacons, sensors, lighting, video, and digital signage all deployed to attract and engage the shopper for a great experience.

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