Touchrate provides the endless aisle and more assisting our clients as they compete with Amazon. Our Touchscreen converged platforms as intelligent agents offer a better in-aisle shopping experience as shoppers Touch to Learn, Touch to Find, and Touch to Buy. Our deployments are changing 100 years of brick & mortar retail to compete with online stores.



We are Advancing mobile solutions technology and bridging brick-and-mortar with online. CPGs, Marketers and Suppliers use Touchrate Solutions to extend the marketing message, assisting the sale for conversion and cross channel marketing with Touchrate platforms in-store as a virtual agent.


The Experience

Millennials are 216% more likely to be influenced by in-store touch screen displays
With Touchscreens and Tablets in-store becomes intuitive as shoppers can feel, touch and sense the merchandise.


Interactive technology for on-location marketing with affordable enterprise tablet and large touchscreens including digital signage all paired with mobile solutions and more. Introducing wave tech and award winning interactive touch-to-light asiles.

We are a one-stop-shop from creative to deployment and we would be pleased to collaborate with other providers on any part of an end to end solution.


Touchrate IP Provides Customized Reporting & Analytics

Touchrate provides the consumer, marketer, and supplier another marketing channel with an aggregated suite of custom functionalities on affordable tablet displays for maximum engagement. Our solutions sell the brand experience with a call-to-action, in-store, converting shoppers to buyers in the aisle.

Broaden Your Reach With Touch.

  • Customize your marketing message

  • Customers engage with our interactive screens

  • Deliver brand specific information to highlight products

  • Capture insights of consumer shopping habits

  • Present customers with special offers to entice them to return

  • Extend the consumer experience beyond your stores

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“Our people are pleased with Touchrate’s performance in rolling out this program.
We look forward to continuing our work together”

Leslie Hyman - VP Business Development

“Congratulations for the hard work & excellent teamwork demonstrated. Special thanks
to Touchrate for the help & support”

Wesley J. Wright - Senior VP Global Marketing

“Thank you and your entire team for the creativity, hard work and diligence in getting Amex Bluebird prepared for our launch this week! Everything looks spectacular! Our leadership is amazed”

Kam Lam - Senior Manager Innovations & Technology

“With Touchrate we are able to provide a wider offering of home healthcare products
across multiple subcategories”

Matt Caddell, National Accounts Manager


Feel free to reach out to us to find out more about how Touchrate can bring interactive touch screen technology to your business.

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