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5 Misconceptions about Interactive Displays

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. We use smartphones, we work on computers and it’s all quality-of-life improvements. So why aren’t more Retailers and Brands adopting interactive displays in-store. Well, it could be due to any of these 5 misconceptions about interactive displays.

Customer Data Privacy is at risk

Customer perception of technology invading their privacy is a concern. Touchrate does not capture any identifiable data. We are against privacy violations and make sure all of our data is captured anonymously, so it can never be linked back to a specific consumer. We only captured what happened, not who used the device, unless we are using facial recognition as part of a touchscreen program. We generalize the information as much as possible limiting it to age range, gender and use that data to analyze what demographics are looking at which products. 

Retailers don’t want their staff having to maintain the Interactive Display

Our devices are built to be plug-and-play so your employees will almost never have to do anything besides making sure it is out on your floor and powered. Customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the knowledge contained in the device. Employees can refer to it as an in-house expert, like an Apple Genius or Best Buy Specialist, whenever they’re assisting a customer and need more information that would be available on the device.

We’ve tried technology before, and it was unreliable

This entirely depends on how the display is implemented. Touchrate uses QR Code technology, which relies on the customers smartphone for communication with our server.  For our non QR Code solutions, we use Edge Computing, which means that unless the power goes out, our device will continue to run as if it had an uninterrupted connection to the internet 24/7. It will continue to gather data even if without internet and will report all the data collected once we regain connection. The customer will never even know that there is a connection issue and will still be able to access the information on the device.

The Interactive Display is a security risk when connected to our infrastructure

This is a non-issue for our displays. For our non QR Code solutions, we use our own private connection network to communicate between our proprietary device manager, Adaptive Mobile Management, and the display, to ensure connectivity. We do not rely on your in-store network for communication, so there is no risk of a data hack to your company from our devices.

Technology is expensive and it’s hard to ROI

Building an interactive display can be very affordable and scalable. Not every solution requires multiple pieces of hardware to create. Sometimes it’s as simple as leveraging a QR Code to give your customers the information they need on demand. Printed right on your signage and can be updated to reflect new sales and promotional offers. Of course, being able to engage the customer in-store with in-aisle lighting and navigation is a bonus to using hardware. You can even use it as a lead generation device by capturing phone numbers or emails in-store at the interactive display, allowing you to continue your marketing campaigns beyond the store.

Technology is here to be our friend. It increases customer engagement and satisfaction by providing the right information at the point of purchase. It can be reliable using Touchrate’s device manager. More importantly, technology is completely affordable and scalable, cutting down on your workforce costs by being able to run with minimal staff. Contact Touchrate today to start on the path to technology in your stores.

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