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The Great Resignation Solved by Technology

The Great Resignation hurts. Technology can help.

The view from the pandemic regarding the future is changing with labor shortages affecting businesses. What is changing is the expectation and added value of convenience that innovation will bring, while improved labor productivity will be realized using technology.

971,000 leisure and hospitality workers quit in August and it’s likely to continue with 55% of Americans anticipating to look for another job( In the same survey 56% of the respondents said adjustable working hours and remote work were a priority.

50% of working respondents are saying that the pandemic has made them re-evaluate their careers and goals and given them more control of their life’s direction.

What does it all mean?

It means technology can replace employees as it becomes more difficult to hire workers. Employees want better paying and more interesting jobs as inflation and their expectations continue to grow.

E-commerce operations and manufacturing are being automated by robots. Work at home is becoming more popular as people stay home due to Covid and technologies such as Zoom meetings have made meeting less costly and more productive. TeleDoc technology adds another dimension to healthcare as well as smartphone applications and various computer platforms for ever greater productivity.

With smartphones, touchscreen platforms, and digital signage, these customer facing technologies and QR coding with interactive displays and curated digital-paths-to- purchase, can embrace a panoply of product brands and merchants.

Digital Interactive solutions enhance and bring continuity to self-service in all verticals including retail, design, construction, engineering, marketing, communication, hospitality, healthcare, food, education and more.

Anticipating a future of expectation with innovation is the way of the future.

“If someone’s role is to innovate and they are not innovating they need to be replaced.”

- Elon Musk

Kudos to the leader who allows for it as well.

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