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The Great Resignation solved by Technology
The Great Resignation hurts. Technology can help. The view from the pandemic regarding the future is changing with labor shortages affecting businesses. What is changing is the expectation and added value of convenience that innovation will bring, while improved labor productivity will be realized using technology....
5 Misconceptions about Interactive Displays
Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. We use smartphones, we work on computers and it’s all quality-of-life improvements. So why aren’t more Retailers and Brands adopting interactive displays in-store. Well, it could be due to any of these 5 misconceptions about interactive displays....
The Rise of QR Codes
Over the past year, we have seen a significant rise in the use of QR Codes. This “touchless” interactive technology allows customers to receive information about a product or service, and even sign up for a service, all with a quick scan of a QR Code with a smartphone camera. Brands, retailers, and even restaurants […]...
A Different View of the Retail Apocalypse
Early on a few merchants saw the challenge of the e-commerce platform. Shoppers began appreciating the experience of on-online shopping as it offered convenience and simplicity. Furthermore, as in Amazon, they offered a platform with curated product content, reviews and ratings for an experience to further guide self-directed shoppers.    As m...
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